NOTES 3/24: CYA & E-Book Sample

  1. Choose Your Own Adventure Using Twine:
  2. CSS on CodeAcademy:
  3. Gigantic Worlds e-book for you!
    • epub (for iBooks, Kobo, and most e-readers)
    • mobi (for Kindles and Kindle apps)
    • nook (For NOOKs)


HW Due March 17: Midterm


The course midterm exam will take place on March 17th, next class.

The midterm for this course will be broken up into two sections:
1) The project proposal, which you will write at home, print out, and bring to class
2) The in-class midterm, which will be a written exam

In-Class Midterm Exam (50% of midterm grade):
1. Basic HTML (CSS will not be on the midterm)
2. Understanding the differences in ebooks and printed books:
a. how they are made
b. how they are read
c. how they are distributed
d. the difference between apps and ebooks

Final Project Proposal (50% of midterm grade):
Each student will have to create an ebook as their final project in the Digital Publishing course. This project proposal is the first step in the project. In it you will map out your goals for the project as if it were a real book going to be published.

All ebooks MUST:
1) Have a functional, linked, Table of Contents
2) Use at least one hyperlink
3) Have chapter, poem, or story headings
4) Be at least 10 “pages” long
5) Use at least one image (this can be a small logo or a full-page image)
6) Have a cover

The proposal should be 3 paragraphs long, with paragraphs laid out like so:
1) The first paragraph should describe the content of the book (much like a book description on a sales page: what it is about, who the text is by, etc.)

2) The second paragraph should describe the functionality of the book: will it have links (if so, to what)? Images? Other features?

3) The third paragraph should describe the books target audience and how you would market and distribute the book to them if it were to be published (e.g., which distribution platform you would use, how you might use social media to promote, the sale price, etc.). NOTE: This should be SPECIFIC. It is not enough to say, “I would use social media to promote this book.” Instead, describe how exactly you would use social media to promote it (for instance, if it’s a book about breast cancer, you might look for cancer survivor groups online; if it’s a children’s books you might set up a story hour at a local library).

NOTES: Enhanced eBook Examples

Is it a “book” or an “app”? WSJ VIDEO

Some Examples of Enhanced eBooks


Billboard Mag Social Media Intern (PAID)

The Social Media Intern duties will include — but are not limited to — assisting editors with posting content across social platforms, helping to grow audience on emerging platforms, sourcing and creating visuals, keeping an eye on social trends and breaking news, producing social reports, and some writing. This internship position is full time, 9-5 Monday-Friday. The internship is paid, and college credit is available.

Other tasks:
-Assist social media editor and manager across various platforms
-Help coordinate content partnerships

-Gathering photos for social team

-Assistance with social video content (Vine, Periscope, etc)

-Managing and updating a social calendar
-Assist online editors with day-to-day duties, stories and galleries
-transcribing interviews

-Undergraduate, grad students, or recent grads only
-Major/background/interest in media/journalism
-Based in New York or greater NYC metropolitan area
-Strong knowledge of music, pop culture, and breaking news
-Interest and knowledge of social media and web trends

Please contact with your resume, cover letter, writing samples, and any relevant social media profiles.

JOB: Editorial Assistant at Kirkus Reviews

* The editorial assistant at Kirkus Reviews is responsible for general office administration.

* He or she also plays a vital role in helping the section editors move books through the review process from start to finish, including fact-checking.

* The editorial assistant will also be involved in preparing content for Kirkus’ website.

* Additional duties include writing copy for Kirkus’ homepage mastheads and uploading the digital version of the Kirkus magazine to the website.

* The editorial assistant will also have the opportunity to edit blog posts by Kirkus’ roster of book bloggers.

* The role requires great attention to detail as well as a friendly and patient demeanor; the editorial assistant will be the contact person for a variety of inquiries from publicists, publishers, authors, and other industry professionals.

Cover letter and resume should be sent to Claiborne Smith, editor-in-chief, at

Founded in 1933, Kirkus has been one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery. Today, Kirkus Reviews covers more than 7,000 books published by traditional houses and more than 3,000 self-published books every year. The magazine is published on the 1st and 15th of every month, and because of the scope of its coverage, its authoritative voice, and the timeliness of its reviews, Kirkus Reviews is revered by many as the first indicator of a book’s potential.

Apply here:

New York Mag Junior Reporting-Writing PAID Internship Program

New York Magazine Junior Reporting-Writing Internship Program

Position Overview:

New York Media is pleased to offer a Junior Reporting-Writing Internship program. During the three-month program, interns will be responsible for identifying, researching, and reporting newsworthy stories for the Daily Intelligencer, New York Magazine’s news website. Ideal candidates have a good eye for the people, topics, and events worth covering right now, display a reporter’s instincts for finding and following the stories that matter, and write with originality and style. A journalism background is not required; an appetite for news and a voracious curiosity is.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, résumé, three writing samples, and answers to the five application questions below to Full-time applicants are preferred, but part-time applicants will also be considered. Positions pay on an hourly basis at New York State minimum wage. No phone calls, please. Only those candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. Please regard your résumé as having been received unless your email is bounced back. New York Media is an Equal-Opportunity Employer.

Application Deadlines:

January-April session, due November 15
May-August session, due March 15
September – December session, due July 15

Junior Writing-Reporting Application Questions:

1. Where do you get your news? Please list five sources you read daily and three you wish you read more regularly.

2. Pretend you’re the news editor for the day. Pick one day this month and find five stories didn’t cover that you think belong on our site.

a. Write a headline and propose an angle for each story. Your choices should show a good understanding of New York Magazine’s sensibility and cover a wide range of topics.

b. Take what you think is the best story among your five and list in tightly written bullet points the five most interesting things about it that every reader should know. The best answers will include a combination of background information, context, connections to other important stories, and shareable details. Your choices should both enlighten and entertain the reader.

3. In under 300 words, write a news post on a story of your choosing (not one of your above five). Please include or link to any visuals or social-media postings you would include. The best answers will be both informative and stylishly written.

4. If you had a month and a generous budget to work on one big feature story, what would it be?